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Hi guys! How are you?
Today I’m gonna show you a new shoe store and as we are changing the season you should take a look and see what they got for wintor! (click here to see the store).
The shoepie is an online store of women's footwear, attention, this doesn’t mean that boys can not buy shoes there. I saw some similar boots with Dr Martens that i really liked to have in my closet! They have a huge diversity of shoes, that you can’t imagine! Trust in me!
On the website shoepie.com you can find a lot of pairs of shoes, with different collors, models, fabrics and prices. My favourite pair was this one (click here) and also this one (clickhere). (Let me know what’s your favourite please!)

As a denim freak i invite you to see their amazing denim high heels boots (click here), denim will never disappoint you, denim goes with everything! And if you’re not a denim fan as i am you can also check their high heels boots (click here) and find the type of boots that you want.

This store is amazing! It’s like a ebay but for ladies with a nice taste! I’m a man and i can’t believe the number of pairs that they got and with the price super acessible. You can pay with paypal (our virtual best friend when you are shopping online) and they export to all the contries!

Don’t forget to see their promotions and if you have any question they have a live chat (wish is amazing) and you can ask for help and so on! Let me know which pair do you prefere and if you’re thinking on buy one of them leave me a comment with the link! That’s all for now ladies! :)


  1. os de leo e as botas pretas <3


  2. Obrigada pela dica! Tem sapatos muito giros :)

    \ Indigo Lights

  3. não conhecia mas tem sapatos bem giros. Beijinh
    facebook page

  4. As botas são apaixonantes! <3
    Alexandra :)