Monday, April 29, 2013

Wildest Moments

Aqui está a musica que eu tenho andado a ouvir repetidamente durante as ultimas semanas, cá em casa não há quem me suporte ouvir a cantar isto (na verdade nem em casa nem em lado nenhum porque canto malíssimo).
♪ ♪ 
Here's the song i've been listening during the last few weeks, here at home no one can support hear me singing it (actually, not at home or anywhere because i sing very bad).


  1. very cool! :)
    drop by my blog too? xx


  2. Oh lovely outfit! :)
    have a nice day !

    In Love Coeur!♥

  3. A música é bastante bonita, também gostei! ^^
    Ah e os óculos são muita giros. :D
    Alexandra :)

    Passa nos meus cantinhos.

  4. I don't know the song but it is very nice and I share the moments with you that all people run away when I start to sing..very bad..
    I very like your blog!

    Lots of Love, SAMOROUS

  5. heeeiiii
    i remember you that tomorrow is the big day to participate to my initiative for animals rights!it's soooo simple, it's consists to post a photo about animals (a photo with your pet, or a simple animal photo, or a sentence about animals right…what you want!!!it's totally free!)
    if you want to know more, go to my last post ("LEGGIMI/READ ME") and read about it :)
    i hope you can participate :*

  6. Obrigado *-*
    És o primeiro rapaz que me comenta o blog por isso nem sei o que dizer o:
    Beijinho enorme :)


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