Sunday, August 12, 2012

Boat trip

(H&M - t-shirt/ Pull&Bear - jeans/ Primark - sunglasses & shoes/ watch - Dolce&Gabbana)

Hey! Hoje tive uma experiencia diferente, eu e a minha família decidimos um percurso de barco.
Foi uma experiencia bem divertida, consegui aproveitar a hora e meia do percurso ao máximo! 
É a primeira vez que usei o meu novo fio de prata e o meu novo relógio, realmente gosto de comprar joalharia, é uma coisa que dá nas vistas e tem valor.  Para a próxima peça estou mesmo interessado num acessório da Hermès, talvez no Natal.

Hey! Today i had a diffrent experience, my family and i decided a boat ride.
It was a pretty fun experience, i could enjoy the hour and half of the rute!
It's the first time i used my new silver necklace and my new watch, i really like to buy jewelry, is one thing that attracts attention and is expensive.
For the next piece i'm interested in a Hermès accessory, maybe on Christmas.

DSCF2381 DSCF2385 DSCF2414 DSCF2399 DSCF2405 DSCF2442 DSCF2467 DSCF2470
DSCF2473 DSCF2476 DSCF2477 DSCF2478 DSCF2495 DSCF2494

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  1. A nice look for the summer! Really good choice of the colors, and your watch is very pretty!

  2. classy..

  3. lindas fotos! e ainda bem que gostas-te. Claro... um gelado nao podia faltar ;p



  4. Love these photos! I sure do like the accessories you're wearing, especially your watch. :)

    heart earrings sterling silver

  5. Thank you! I like your photos and your watch is amazing. Sure we can follow each other (:

  6. Lovely pictures, dude! Your outfit is so stylish, really like it! And oh, I LOVE the blog's title! Nice one! If you get a second, I'd love to hear your thoughts about my latest post :)

  7. Love the pictures, and the outfit of course.
    Thanks for commemting on my blog, and of course we can follow each other. I already followed


  8. Love the outfit so much, and of course the pictures.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog, and i followed, hope you will follow back to keep in touch .



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